Educational Programs

Education is an essential part of strategies to improve individuals’ well-being and societies’ economic and social development.
Anba Abraam accept students and adults from all backgrounds regardless of their religion, ethnicity, race, or gender and work to instill good values in students and their parents such as acceptance, inclusion, tolerance and understanding and respect for diversity.
Great challenges still remain, and your generosity will help put more kids and adults through schooling to better prepare them for the 21st century job market.
Over 20,000 people benefit from our programs every month

Daycares, Kindergartens & Schools


Anba Abraam Charity is proud to fund all operating expenses of 33 Daycare Centers in Upper Egypt, and increased enrollment to more than 1,800 students per year and created 150 instructor positions.
We provide pre-school children with the quality education they deserve. The education programs focus on academia, art and children’s social skills.

Adult Literacy Support

One of the most important aspects of supporting adults with no Literacy is building their self-esteem and encouraging them to learn to read and write. At Anba Abraams centers, adults can get literacy support with dignity and respect. They will also gain support in their role as parents. Being able to become more involved in their children’s leaning can be very powerful motivator to improve their literacy skills.

Vocational Training Centres

Vocational Training Centers offer hands on training programs for specific jobs and trades. Some of the most desired programs offer training for trades such as carpentry, bricklaying, plumbing, and electrical. Graduates of trade or vocational schools have an advantage over informally trained job-seekers because an independent organization certifies that they have the skills needed to successfully perform a specific, skilled occupation.

Partnership with EGYCOPT

Social Coptic Foundation for Development – EGYCOPT – is a civil society institution launched on 15 July 2012, with the goal of empowering young Egyptians who deserve a better life and helping them achieve their hope of finding an employment opportunity to allow them to make respectable livelihood to support their families. 


Daycare and Learning Centers

Anba Abraam Charity is proud to fund all running expenses of 33 Daycare Centers in Upper Egypt, and increased enrollment to more than 1,800 students per year.
We provide pre-school children with the quality education they deserve. The education programs focus on academia, art and children’s social skills.

Through Anba Abraam’s support the daycare centers have access to adequate school programs and supplies to encourage the  kids to finish schooling and grow up and have a chance to be economically independent and positive contributers to their local communities. In addition, this program has creaed jobs as well. 

Anba Abraam also provides excelling students an amazing opportunity to move on to higher education.

Children with Special Needs

According to the World Health Organization, people with disabilities represent approximately 10% of the Egyptian population, or about 8.5 million persons.

Disability remains culturally stigmatized in Egypt, where workers’ compensation rights are limited.

Children’s Rehabilitation Centre in EL-OBOUR

Anba Abraam has intervened and has opened the children’s Rehabilitation Centre in EL-OBOUR City/Cairo. The facility serves physically and mentally challenged children. The vision for this initiative is to create a world of possibilities for disabled children. The center provides treatment using technologies, therapy and various programs which offers disabled children the tools necessary to participate in life.

St. Anthony for Differently Abled Kids

Anba Abraam has also partnered up with St. Anthony for differently abled Kids, an organization that specializes in kids with disabilities. Children with special needs are often ignored if not abused; emotionally and physically.
As a result, this program is focused on serving and educating people with disability to encourage them to take part in their community and society in general. In addition, the center helps educate families and communities on how to embrace and support the children.


Anba Abraam is proud to help fund the operating expenses of a school in Sudan. This program offers education, health and wellness program that serves more than 1,500 deserving students between the ages of 5-12 years. The children that attend our school love coming together in a wholesome environment where they also share a healthy meal together.

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