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We are a Canadian registered charitable organization that aims at serving the local and global communities

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From food banks to training centers to clinics, our programs are numerous and we’re always looking for new ways to serve communities

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Whether it be through donations, volunteering, or merely raising awareness, you can always make an impact and help us serve more people

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Our vision is to assist all individuals and families overcome poverty, achieve their self-sufficiency, and sustainable future.

What We Offer

Our mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people in Canada and around the world by utilizing and mobilizing the power of humanity. We are motivated by God’s love to serve all people regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or creed.

We are committed to identify leaders around the world to facilitate program development and implementation to achieve our mission and ultimately our vision.

We are driven to establish long term solutions that outlive us and allow communities to lead their own future and fulfill all their needs rather than depend on a form of aid.

We ensure that all programs are of a certain quality to ensure that the beneficiaries have access to fitting programs with the requisite respect of humankind in accordance with local reasonable standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work in partnership with local organizations so we can collaborate on similar goals as much as we consider our beneficiaries as partners in the process and the decision making.

We are always looking at the socio-economic factors and also the cultural dimension that allow us to put in place programs that are relevant to people’s needs and cultures. We also look at beneficiaries various needs: education, health, sustainable incomes and spiritual fulfillment.

We invest in long term solutions that target and serve the community as a whole. We train and empower local leadership to set up the community up for long term success so that they can be self sustaining and self sufficient.

How much of my donation reaches beneficiaries and projects directly?

Due to the advantage of being a volunteer-based charity, AAC doesn’t have any overhead cost, therefore 99% of your donation goes towards beneficiaries and projects and about 1% is spent on administrative cost (Food bank rent of 2 locations, food delivery, utilities, etc.)

Where does AAC work and why?

AAC works locally in Canada serving low income families and new immigrants, mainly in the Peel region as well as First Nation communities in Aroland (5 hours north of Thunder Bay). Internationally, AAC works in Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, and Bolivia through development programs (education, health and sustainable income), and humanitarian volunteer trips. AAC has selected communities who are in the greatest of needs and work in these specific countries where we have had the experience and the resources to be able to mobilize efforts in the most efficient ways.

Do I get a tax receipt for my donation?

You will receive an official tax receipt for the total amount you donated at the end of each fiscal year to your mailing address.

“While visiting Anba Abraam Coptic Charity’s projects I was most touched by a home for physically and mentally challenged children. There was a wide range of issues and ages. This project was just in its infancy and yet there were a large number of children.”

“On my trip to Egypt I was given a tour of a workshop which supported impoverished women to learn a trade. They are taught how to sew and use specialized equipment for embroidery. While they are training they are paid and then hired.”

“My husband and I had the opportunity to visit a home for the community’s seniors which is supported financially by Anba Abraam Coptic Charity. We saw first hand the state of art equipment that was bought through the support and funds of donors.”

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Featured Story

Women Workshop

“On my trip to Egypt, I was given a tour of a workshop which supported impoverished women to learn a trade. They are taught how to sew and use specialized equipment for embroidery. While they are training, they are paid and then hired. This very important service...

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News and Recent Events

2018 Charity Dinner

It is with great pleasure the Anba Abraam Charity in Canada invites you to a Fundraising Dinner under the auspices of H.H. Pope Tawadros II and the presence of H.G. Bishop Mina We are pleased to...

Fundraising Gala

St. Mary’s Food Bank Ninth Annual Fundraising Gala St. Mary's Food Bank would like to thank all those who came out for our Ninth Annual Fundraising Gala! Without you, this event could never...

Water Project

Anba Abraam was proud to take part in Project Water, an Engage and Change initiative. This project was born in response to the inexcusable fact that more homeless people die from dehydration in the...

Ontario Trillium Foundation

Thanks to Ontario Trillium Foundation, St Mary’s Food Bank (“SMFB”) replaced an old and small freezer with a new freezer and a walk in fridge for its most recent location. The new freezer will...

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