Anba Abraam Charity

Anba Abraam Charity (“AAC”), a volunteer driven organization, has proudly been serving and mobilizing underprivileged communities since 1994 to create a better today.

Who We Are

AAC is named after the saintly bishop, Anba Abraam. Known for his great love for the Lord Jesus Christ, Anba Abraam was highly spiritual and intensely passionate about caring for the poor and the needy. Through his ministry, Anba Abraam always opened his doors to the homeless, poor, orphans and strangers, giving his followers everything he owned. He is known today as Anba Abraam, the friend of the poor and the needy.

Today, we strive to model our charity after the virtuous and selfless work of Anba Abraam, who acts as our forever guiding light in all that we do.

As many other charities, AAC started small, but over the years, has seen a tremendous amount of support that has helped us grow and reach more communities locally and internationally, as far as Egypt, and Sudan. Our Charity is unique as we implement our collaborative programs, both locally and internationally, with minimal overhead costs as we are blessed with countless dedicated volunteers. As a result, we are able to optimize our funds raised to reinvest in more programs to help more people.

Our Mission

AAC’s mission is to improve the lives of underprivileged people in Egypt, Canada and around the world by utilizing and mobilizing the power of humanity. We are motivated by God’s love to serve all people regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, or gender.

Our Vision

AAC’s vision is to assist all individuals and families overcome poverty, achieve self-sufficiency, and build a sustainable future for a better tomorrow.

Core Values

We value every individual with no regard to religion, race, ethnicity, or gender because it is our responsibility, to lend a hand during difficult times for all.

We seek partnerships and opportunities with like-minded organizations focused on strong program delivery while insuring financial stewardships. We collaborate with donors, sponsors, local organizations, beneficiaries and everyone who wants to be part of the AAC family.

We work on long term solutions that outlive us and allow communities to lead their own future and fulfill all their needs rather than depend on a form of aid.

Details are important to us from the planning stage to implementation, monitoring and evaluation. We value quality in our work at all levels and deliver on details.

We are accountable for every dollar and take every donation very seriously. We continuously work efficiently to keep administrative costs as low as possible and to seek proficient partners to ensure the programs are optimized.

Where We Work

We are grateful for our agents and representatives in the local communities. They carryout our projects and vision with full respect and dignity to the underserved areas, with knowledge of the culture and language.

Why We Do What We Do

We do what we do because of a sense of responsibility that we innately share. We believe that the world is all interconnected and interdependent. What happens in the world and the social issues this world faces impacts all of us. Together, we must give people their full rights not only their needs and we must do so with compassion, love and a spirit of service.