Anba Abraam Charity

We are a Canadian registered charity that aims to serve the underprivileged locally and globally to create a better tomorrow.

What We Do

We aim to help the underprivileged by providing them with hope and a path to a better tomorrow through economic development programs, financial relief during times of difficulty, education and support for children and medical care.

Make an Impact

Whether it's through donations, volunteering, or merely raising awareness, you can always make an impact and help us serve more people.

Our Story

Living in Canada is a blessing and with it comes a responsibility to care for the less fortunate. This responsibility is what drove the establishment of the Anba Abraam’s Charity in 1994. Our primary focus is to alleviate and decrease poverty through financial assistance, access to education, empowerment and the establishment of firm foundations.

Our Programs

We offer sustainable income projects, educational programs, food banks, community kitchens, medical clinics, and training centers in several countries worldwide. Today, our programs serve over 25,000 monthly based on our donors’ generosity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of the underprivileged people in Egypt, Canada and around the world by utilizing and mobilizing the power of humanity. We are motivated by God’s love to serve all people regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, or gender.


“While visiting Anba Abraam Charity’s projects I was most touched by a home for physically and mentally challenged children. There was a wide range of issues and ages. This project was just in its infancy and yet there were a large number of children. The children are given the respect and support that is needed where they may otherwise not receive it. The children were filled with love and joy. Much more support is needed to train and educate volunteers at the facility. With the support of donors around the world to AAC I know these kids have a bright future.”

“On my trip to Egypt I was given a tour of a workshop which supported impoverished women to learn a trade. They are taught how to sew and use specialized equipment for embroidery. While they are training they are paid and then hired. This very important service helps woman to save up for a dowry which then always them to choose a spouse rather than to be forced into a marriage. Their work was beautiful and there was a great sense of pride in all the women we met.”

“My husband and I had the opportunity to visit a home for the dying which is one of Anba Abraam’s Charity programs. We saw first hand the state of art equipment that was bought through the support and funds of donors. It was a clean and well cared for building. The patients are all bed ridden and yet they have smiles on their faces. This project has given these elderly and terminally ill people a chance to end their days in dignity and comfort. We were moved and proud that our donations were so well spent.”

"Love is not patronizing and charity isn't about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same -- with charity you give love, so don't just give money but reach out your hand instead."

Mother Teresa

Anba Abraam's Charity

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Featured Story

Women Workshop

“On my trip to Egypt, I was given a tour of a workshop which supported impoverished women to learn a trade. They are taught how to sew and use specialized equipment for embroidery. While they are training, they are paid and then hired. This very important service...

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News and Recent Events

2018 Charity Dinner

It is with great pleasure the Anba Abraam Charity in Canada invites you to a Fundraising Dinner under the auspices of H.H. Pope Tawadros II and the presence of H.G. Bishop Mina We are pleased to...

Fundraising Gala

St. Mary’s Food Bank Ninth Annual Fundraising Gala St. Mary's Food Bank would like to thank all those who came out for our Ninth Annual Fundraising Gala! Without you, this event could never...

Water Project

Anba Abraam was proud to take part in Project Water, an Engage and Change initiative. This project was born in response to the inexcusable fact that more homeless people die from dehydration in the...

Ontario Trillium Foundation

Thanks to Ontario Trillium Foundation, St Mary’s Food Bank (“SMFB”) replaced an old and small freezer with a new freezer and a walk in fridge for its most recent location. The new freezer will...

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